One Minute Habit

Build a habit in 30 days for free.

The world likes you stuck.

It wants you to watch more, eat more, buy more, and work more. It tells you that you can’t be happy otherwise.

But all that does is leave you bored, fat, broke and fried.

You want to change. You don’t have time.

Start with 1 minute.

Win Small to Win Big

The 1-Minute Habit helps you create healthy change before your internal resistance has a chance to object. Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to the person you want to be.

You get:

  1. The five steps to create a lasting habit.
  2. Insights from habit-change leaders.
  3. Permission to suck. (Actually, sucking is a requirement.)

PS We don’t waste your time. You can read the guide in 5 1/2 minutes. Or skim it in 1.

Small wins fuel transformative changes by leveraging tiny advantages into patterns that convince people that bigger achievements are within reach.

— Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit”