Got a Minute?

You’ve a lot to do so we’ll only be a minute. Actually, 1 minute and 15 seconds. (We timed it.)

Sorry to interrupt, but we thought it was important to tell you:

  • why you’re going crazy
  • there’s a way out
  • you’re not alone

Why You’re Going Crazy

There’s a meeting starting in five. There’s a pile this high of unread emails in your inbox. There’s a parking meter that’s going to expire any second. When (if) you get all that taken care of, there’s more to do.

Always. More. To. Do.

More to manage, more to read, more to watch, more to learn, more to create, more to more … you get the picture. And if — big “if” — you get everything done. If you collapse on the sofa at the end of one very long, very productive day, there’s probably a voice in the back of your head saying, “There’s got to be more to life than just productivity.”

There’s a Way Out

Take a minute to breathe.

Now consider Clear Timer. It’s an iPhone timer app whose intuitive design makes it easy to use, which helps make sure you get more done, organize your reminders, measure your tasks … and keep your sanity.

Clear Timer features an elegant design and offers a variety of themes and sounds, plus an infinite number of timers you can start, pause, and reset individually.

When you start to keep track of time, you start to become accountable to it. You start to ask questions like, “How can I think more intelligently about what I’m doing?” “Is this the best way to spend my time?” “How can I simplify?” and “Where do I start?”

You’re Not Alone

It’s not just you. There are a lot of people out there who want to make better use of time, who are curious, smart, passionate, and … overwhelmed.

People are looking for ways to live life productively, but also with purpose and passion. That’s where you’ll find Clear Timer. Clear Timer is a simple tool, but it’s powerful. Maybe because it shows — in a visceral way — that time, all time, is fleeting.

Tick tick tick.

It’s time for you to get going.