Clear Timer

You’ve got a million things to do

You need to get organized and you can’t keep track of everything. Clear Timer can help. It makes you more aware of time, and that makes you more accountable.

Whether you’re cooking, answering emails, setting a reminder for a parking meter, or tracking the time you spend with clients, Clear Timer simplifies time management and helps you get into a zone of relaxed productivity.

Plus, it’s a joy to use. The old-school click wheel allows you to easily set the time, the themes are sharp, and the sounds are a delight.

  • Productivity: focus on what you’re doing; create boundaries around tasks;  commit to one task at a time; increase awareness of how you spend your time; put your mind at ease during breaks; ideal app for busy people using productivity systems such as the Pomodoro Technique, Getting Things Done, or Zen to Done.
  • Reminders: cooking; meditation; nursing baby; parking meter; yoga; timed quizzes; naps; taking medication; kids’ time out; video-game play; reading time; laundry; restaurant reservations.
  • Measurement: time workplace tasks; track processes; improve efficiency; scientific measurement; process tracking; operation management.


  • Elegant design that allows for precise, one-handed control.
  • Quickly name and set custom timers in hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Time anything up to 60 hours.
  • Alarm notification even when Clear Timer is not running. The alarm works even if the device is sleeping or the screen is locked.
  • Name and save unlimited frequently used timers for one-tap re-use.
  • Stopwatch allows you to track time spent on projects or physical activity.
  • Choose from a variety of skins.
  • Choose from a variety of alarm sounds.
  • Vibrate mode either with sound or vibrate only notifies you in your pocket.
  • Run Clear Timer in the background.
  • Run an infinite number of timers at once.
  • Great for use with the Pomodoro Technique.